What is ASTEORD?

ASTEORD, as an innovative on-demand manufacturing platform, aims to revolutionize the industrial production sector by bringing together small-capacity manufacturers. Our platform offers a wide range of services including CNC Machining, Welded Fabrication, Sheet Metal Cutting and Bending, Forging and Casting, Plastic and Metal Injection Molding, as well as Testing, Measurement, and Quality Control Processes, coupled with reverse engineering capabilities.

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The core mission of ASTEORD is to unite small-scale manufacturers operating in these areas for large-volume projects, providing them opportunities to participate in bigger ventures and increase their business volume. Consequently, manufacturers who are unable to complete large projects on their own will be able to produce according to defined standards, becoming more competitive in the market.

ASTEORD is more than just a production platform; it’s also a network of collaboration and support. The platform strengthens the organizational structure of manufacturers in areas such as foreign trade, logistics, and quality management, enabling their entry into global markets. This integrated approach offers significant advantages in expanding their current business volume and accessing international markets.

woman coding on computer
woman coding on computer

Additionally, ASTEORD encompasses an online store under its umbrella. This store supplies raw materials, consumables, and cutting tools needed in the production processes of the manufacturers affiliated with the platform. Our manufacturing network will be able to source these materials from suppliers at special discounted rates through exclusive agreements, thereby achieving cost advantages and supply chain efficiency.

With ASTEORD, small-capacity manufacturers will transcend their limits and sail towards new horizons in industrial production. Together we are stronger, and ASTEORD is ready to offer this strength to every manufacturer in the sector.

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