ASTEORD can make parts to your design with the materials you specify. ASTEORD has no minimum order quantity, which makes the service valuable for prototyping as well as production services. ASTEORD has an extensive network consisting of hundreds of manufacturers, which means that we can hit most manufacturing needs and designs. It is recommended to upload your 3D file to our quoting page if you need any features reviewed by a staff member.

No, we do not manufacture ourselves. However, we have a large network of manufacturing partners who do this for us. That way we can always offer free capacities, ensure short delivery times and find the right manufacturer even for sophisticated projects.
No, you will not contact the production company. ASTEORD is the sole contact and contractual partner during the entire process, which simplifies communication for you.
When an order is placed, your production data – exclusively anonymized – is shared with the production partner who is selected for the production.
Our production partners are subject to continuous strict quality control. Companies who do not meet our high quality standards are rigorously removed from our network.
ASTEORD does not have a minimum order requirement. Feel free to order just one if that is all you need. Our services can help you scale from one-offs and prototypes all the way to mid- and high-volume production.

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