What is Insert Molding?

Insert injection molding involves encapsulating a previously fabricated component in molten resin to produce a finished part. The inserted component is usually a simple object, such as a knife blade or surgical tube, but in some cases, inserts can be as complex as a battery or motor.

Plastic insert molding is ideal for improving the strength and reliability of a component and can help save on cost and production time by eliminating the need for secondary operations such as soldering, connectors, and adhesives.

Common Applications

Female Threads
Male Threads
Dowel Pins
Electrical Contacts
Spring-Loaded Clips
Fastening&Locating Plastic Parts

Insert Molding is an injection molding process that works especially well for parts that have threaded holes. It can also help you create better wheels, pulleys, fan blades, and other similar parts.

With ASTEORD’s expert partners, you can customize the model you want, according to your needs and thus achieve more cost-effective results. You may also have the opportunity to examine the sample obtained with 3D printers in the molding of the designed model, not only in the CAD drawings of the developed product.

Why Choose ASTEORD for Insert Molding?

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Time in the mold industry is the most valuable concept. With this in mind, ASTEORD acts with the goal of completing all orders within the planned time, without the need for additional revisions. Through the ASTEORD Portal, we define the project steps for each order, manage the process in a coordinated manner with its customers and provide instant data flows.

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  • Manufacturing Partner performance tracking on lead time and quality
  • Inspection report included in every order. Full dimensional inspection reports on request.
  • Material certifications and test reports available on request
  • Quality Guaranteed.

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